Antena omnidirectionala INTERLINE HORIZON 4X4 MIMO DUAL BAND 6dBi/2.4GHz 7dBi/5.8GHz

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Descriere produs: Antena omnidirectionala INTERLINE HORIZON 4X4 MIMO DUAL BAND 6dBi/2.4GHz 7dBi/5.8GHz

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Each interline product is designed to perform in a variety of environments. Implementing the antenna system can greatly improve coverage and performance.To optimize the overall performance of a wireless LAN, it is important to understand how to maximize radio coverage with the appropriate antenna selection and placement. An antenna system comprises numerous components, including the antenna, mounting hardware, connectors, antenna cabling, and in somecases, a lightning arrestor.

The antenna has two beams of radiation. One in front of about 6-7 dBi and the second beam is lifted up by 10% with about 6-7 dBi gain. Modern warehouses roofing and ceiling are made of metal sheets or concrete, which greatly simplifies bouncing radio waves. One of the beams of radiation in these antennas cover the area of the hall "in front of" making it difficult for the propagation of the signal through obstacles or storage racks loaded with goods. The task of the second beam after reflection from the ceiling, is to cover the dead space between the obstacles (shelves). The antenna is specially designed to work in such conditions.This antenna is designed for installation in WAVE2 and the MU-MIMO multiplexing time-space technologies. The antenna operates in two frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz, offering excellent utilization of the radio spectrum. Specially designed arrays of radiators with low self capacitance guarantee correct operation with a high degree of encoding - 256 QAM, which is used in such systems. Low capacitance does not introduce blurring of digital signals and help to avoid appearance of parasitic currents and reflections. It is dedicated for indoor use, warehouses, production facilities.  We do not recommend using these antennas in open spaces due to the loss of the signal of the second beam radiation (in the sky). 

MIMO Antenna Systems

 MIMO antenna systems are used to overcome a phenomenon known as multipath distortion or multipath interference. A diversity antenna system uses two or more identical antennas, located a small distance apart, to provide coverage to the same physical area.

 Multipath Distortion

 Multipath interference occurs when an RF signal has more than one path between a receiver and a transmitter. This occurs in sites that have a large amount of metallic or other RF reflective surfaces.

Just as light and sound are reflected from objects, just like RF. This means that there may be more than one path that RF adopts when passing from the transmit (TX) antenna and the receiving (RX) antenna. These numerous signals combine in the RX antenna and the receiver, resulting in signal summation, increasing bandwidth and reliability.




Frequency band(s)
  1. 2400 - 2500
  2. 5200 - 5800
Frequency (min)
2 400MHz
Frequency (max)
5 800MHz
  1. 6dBi
  2. 7dBi
VSWR (max)
Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - horizontal
  1. 360°
Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - vertical
  1. 30°
  2. 20°
Port to Port Isolation:
Max Composite Power
DC Ground



N female
Mounting Diameter
ø 38…51mm
Dimensions (excl. mount)
Weight (incl. mount)



IP Rating
-40°C ... 80°C

Specificaţii tehnice: Antena omnidirectionala INTERLINE HORIZON 4X4 MIMO DUAL BAND 6dBi/2.4GHz 7dBi/5.8GHz

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